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Owner of Attuned Walk

Trauma & Attachment Clinician For Families, And Trauma Consultant

After working a 9-5 in a lead children's mental health agency I started to see that I had the tools to start building a private practice.

I had experience as a school Educational Assistance, Intensive Family Support Worker, Autism camps, Treatment foster homes, Group name is I felt like I had done it or tried it.

I’ve had a passion for helping others from a young age.

I noticed there was a need for service providers to come together and help learn, grow, and support our communities.

Many of you might be just starting out and getting a business formulated. I felt like this was a path I had traveled not too long ago and saw a way that I could help my colleagues.

As an Attachment & Trauma Clinician I can see that there's a huge amount of need for services and so many in the helping profession ready to support that need.

Below I invite you to a facebook group where we can share resources, join a group video call, chat, and support each others growth.


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