Natalie Daniel, CYW, COS-P, OMHP

Owner of Attuned Walk

Trauma & Attachment Clinician For Families, And Trauma Consultant


Listed below are the course names and trainings
Janina Fisher’s

Certified Clinical Trauma Professional Training Level 2 (CCTP-II):
Treatment of Complex Trauma and Dissociative Disorders
(**this is a course needed to apply for CCTP-ll, not the certification)
John and Julie Gottman
The Gottman Method Approach to Treating Trauma
Margaret E. Blaustein, Ph.D.
ARC Trauma Treatment For Children and Adolescents
Graham Nicholls
Emotional & Behavioural Therapies
NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
Certification Course from Beginner to Expert level
Attachment And Trauma Centre Of Nebraska
Trauma Specific Interventions for Families: Integrative Protocol (IATP-C)
Geraldine Crisci
Trauma Treatment: A Direct Structural Approach to Solving unresolved Trauma
Understanding Trauma: Current Research, Attachment Theory, and Brain Development
Trauma: General Trauma Assessment
Rick McCredie (2004) 2 Days
Social Skills Training for Anti-Social Children & Youth
James Duvell (2013) 60 Hours
Brief and Narrative Therapy Training
COSPTM (Circle of security International)
Facilitator Training Program
Kathy Rupert
COS Coding
Karyn Purvis TBRI via DVD Family Series
Fanshawe College
Child & Youth Worker Diploma
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