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What is Affiliate Marketing and how do I know if it's for me?


Affiliate marketing is a business model that people are quickly switching to so they can earn a little bit of the pie.....

I'll break it down for you!

If you go to the movies and love the show, you tell a few people right?

IF those people head to the movie and watch it because you recommended it, you should get paid, right?

Well in the affiliate marketing world you would be paid, and paid very well.


See the beauty of affiliate marketing is that you don't have to create a product, or ship an item. In fact you get to do what you love.

That's right you'll be doing what you love!

So say you love gardening, and your local gardening center is the best, has the best deals, and has the best staff.

You'd ask the garden center if they have an affiliate program.

They'd give you a link to their services that you could share with others.

You'll now go about your day to day gardening, enjoying planting, weeding, watering.....

Whenever someone stops and asks where you got the watering can, or those seeds, you can pass them the website link that the garden center provided.

See the web link has a unique code on in, that code connects the person who clicked the link back to you.

IF the person purchases anything after they've clicked your link, you get a portion of the pay.

Now of course there's some great tips and strategies that go along with this in order to help you help the most people.

I mean people need to see you gardening and enjoying what you love.

You also need to be genuinely enjoying what you're doing not just out to make money or shove links in peoples faces.

How Do I Learn Ninja Strategies For Affiliate Marketing?

The best way to learn strategies for affiliate marketing is to take a course. 

I know that sounds crazy, you came here to make money not spend money right?

Here's why taking a course will actually save you in the long run......


Lots of people start out their journey looking for info

They find youtube, pinterest, blogs, and get excited, which leads to more researching and learning.

Often people get stuck in the learning phase and rarely move to the doing phase.

This costs them time, which costs them money.

If people started out with all the pieces they needed, they would feel confident that they had all the answers and could just follow the steps in the course.

So I recommend a course to all the people I cross paths with.

The course I recommend is affiliate secrets 3.0 by Spencer Mecham, it's a course that has all the pieces, all the answers, and it's done with the beginner in mind all the way to advanced strategies that he's used to make his million dollar business a success.

He's got some awesome free training too and hangs out daily in his facebook group answering questions


Affiliate Secrets 3.0 Review By Spencer Mecham: Is it worth the hype?

So now that you've learned about affiliate marketing, and you've learned where to get started, you'll wanna know a little about what types of products you can promote


Promoting products is a personal thing. There is no right or wrong, when it comes to picking the products you'd like to promote.

Having said that, here's my reason behind the products I promote......


I like to select products that are always going to be there and will give the most up to date version of help to the person that purchases the item.

There is nothing worse that having outdated products or services. If I'm going to take the time to get a referral link, write a blog post, do a youtube video on the product, then I want to be sure that product I'm sending people to is going to be the most up to date product and not one that's 5 years old and no longer valid.


The next thing I consider is how long the cookie (tracking code) stays active for.

I want to be sure that the person that clicks the link is connected to me.

If I'm taking the time to recommend items I want to be sure that I"m rewarded for it.

Some products or services have a short 14 day tracking, while others have a longer 90 or 120 days.


The last thing I check is how much of a commission I'll be earning.

Again if I'm taking the time to spread the word that the product and services are helpful, useful, and of great quality, then I want to be rewarded.

The reward varies, some products pay 5% like Amazon or Walmart, while other products or services pay out 50% or 75%

Now image 50% of $2500, now we're in to high ticket affiliate marketing.


Most affiliate marketers look for high ticket items to promote, it's where you can make the most bang for the energy put forth.

If you're looking for quality high ticket items to promote you'll wanna check out Spencer Mechams Affiliate Secrets 3.0, grab your link and start using the steps in his course to make your first high ticket sale


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